Developing a device that empowers people

G-day to the community.

I wanted to tell you a bit about the device and ask for any interest or ideas in shaping its future.

Based on Open source technology and Open WRT, The Media Hub device is a TL-MR-3020 which is setup in the simplist way possible to enable people to access files on an attahced USB without internet access.

It is a media server, a web server and a router with a web interface any user can acces via thier web browser.

I am interested in help with different aspects such as developing  the best solar panel and battery solution.

It can be used in key area such as near offices, shops, on busses or waiting areas.

Media Hub can support local art, media and music by offering local artists with a way to share and even sell thier creations.

Please contact me if you are interested in more inforamtion.

Some more information can be found in:


Examples of files anyone could offer with one Media Hub device:


- Information / media / documents (save on printing)

- Messages from local and regional stakeholders

- Community engagement material

- Information about local products and services

- Information about tourist locations

- Diversion and Education material such as guitar lessons

- Music and local movies and messages


My dream is that every remote community controlled a device in the next two years. I believe it can save lives by providing diversion and education opportunities.




Roy Smith

0402 853 007