Tagtool on Windows 7 Netbook

I installed Tagtool on one of DCA's Netbooks (Acer Aspire One D255) today (15 January 2011); the Netbook will be bundled with our second Tagtool/Tablet/Controller. While it will struggle with lots of layered and animated tags, it will handle workshop and relatively simple projections. And its lightweight and small.

The installation instructions on Tagtool.org are generally correct (http://www.tagtool.org/wp/diy/). The difference is the procedure for installing the FTDI drivers (so the Netbook, with Windows 7, will work with the Arduino in the Tagtool).

Plug in the Tagtool and Windows will complain that it can't install the device or can't find drivers. Update the drivers (use the ones in the Arduino IDE package, in "drivers\FTDI USB Drivers" (FTDIBUS.INF and FTDIPORT.INF -- Windows will install the bus first then the port; it'll find the drivers, just specify the folder).

You also need to install the Wacom (Intuos3 model for us) drivers. The one I installed can be downloaded from: http://www.wacom.com.au/download/download_index.html