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Load Average

Fri, 06/21/2013 - 05:06

This is from the interface SECN on advanced tab

Time: 00:04:04 up 4 min, load average: 5.55, 3.13, 1.27 TZ: UTC

Does anyone know what the load figures are



Antw.: [vt-dev] openwrt, ahdemo etc

Fri, 06/21/2013 - 05:06
Hi -
as Terry and Steve have discovered, mixing ah-demo and ad-hoc in a mesh results in very low throughput, if the ad-hoc devices use ath9k. The problem is probably related to the fact that we are mixing 802.11n with 802.11g in an ad-hoc cell, and there are no beacons from the 802.11g stations, so the combination of both operates at basic rate.

blimp potato anyone ?

Fri, 06/21/2013 - 05:06
Cheers, Glen

Arduino Yún

Fri, 06/21/2013 - 05:06
Thanks to the Brck project (
which I encourage everyone to support! I came across this new initiative,
the Arduino Yun, quite an exciting little project which combines the
arduino with WiFi. The MP2, the Brck, and the Arduino Yun all have the

Fwd: [B.A.T.M.A.N.] Alfred Open Beta

Fri, 06/21/2013 - 05:06
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To: g

To those of you who actively follow the recent discussions it may come to no
big surprise that it was decided to remove the vis functionality from the
batman-adv kernel module in a not so distant future (with the next

ath5k, madwifi, adhoc, and ahdemo on SECN 2.0

Fri, 06/21/2013 - 05:06
Hi all,

We were expecting to have already put out a solid SECN 2.0 beta release but
have run into some interesting issues in compatibility between Mesh
Potatoes running the madwifi driver and and TP-Link devices running ath5k
wireless driver.

As you may know, ath5k doesn't support ahdemo mode which hides the IBSS

Rapsberry Pi

Fri, 06/21/2013 - 05:06

Has anyone used the Raspberry Pi as a villagetelco server? I'm thinking
the server would have an optimize version of asterisk, nginx as the http
server, and so on. Please share your thoughts and documents.


Network monitoring of SECN 2.0 MPs with munin

Fri, 06/21/2013 - 05:06
Hi all,

Terry and I have been doing some network testing with the new SECN 2.0
beta firmware using Munin. In case you're interested, here are some
basic instructions on getting munin running on your MP network.
Instructions apply to SECN 2.0 beta only as the xinetd and muninlite
packages are specific to the 2.0 firmware. I'll have something up for

call for papers to ACM DEV in Cape Town Dec 6-7, 2013

Fri, 06/21/2013 - 05:06
paper deadline is July 18.
more information can be found here: [link]
Steve Song will be a keynote speaker!

Call for papers for 2nd International Workshop on Community Networks and Bottom-up-Broadband (CNBuB2013)

Fri, 06/21/2013 - 05:06
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Workshop on Community Networks and Bottom-up-Broadband (CNBuB2013)

Dear list members,

The call for papers period for 2nd International Workshop on Community
Networks and Bottom-up-Broadband (CNBuB2013) [1] is opened until June 15th.

laptop running Linux/OpenWRT with a built-in wifi chipset supported by Madwifi drivers

Fri, 06/21/2013 - 05:06
I would like to find out from you guys if I can get a laptop on the market
that can run Linux/OpenWRT with a built-in wifi chipset that is supported
by Madwifi drivers.

towards a better status page

Fri, 06/21/2013 - 05:06
Hi all,

Terry and I have been beavering away at the 2.0 firmware and we are close
to releasing an RC version which has a number of improvements. More about
that shortly. But one thing that will be unchanged is the status page
which provides output on the status of mesh connections and wireless

Generic OpenWRT on Mesh Potato

Fri, 06/21/2013 - 05:06
Hey there,
I've recently had the privilege of working with a mesh potato. After
gaining access via openwrt failsafe, I saw it was running a minimal
customised OpenWRT install compiled from scratch and utilising olsr for
mesh stuff.
As I don't intend to use the ATA, can I flash the generic Atheros

ICTD2013 (Cape Town) Call for Demos

Fri, 06/21/2013 - 05:06
Good morning,

(sorry for crossposting, you may receive this from several sources)

ICTD2013 call for demos is now open. Please find the information below, and
help us spread the word.

I still remember when I met Steve presenting the Mesh Potatoes in London in
ICTD2010, and check where I am now.

Re: [serval-project-dev] linking serval mesh to village telco mesh

Fri, 05/31/2013 - 18:03

There have been no recent efforts to do this.

That said, we would love to see the necessary work happen to re-integrate
the two (they used to work together).

The main issue is that Serval now uses its own VoMP (Voice over Mesh
Protocol) instead of SIP+RTP for voice calls, and uses its own DNA

linking village telco mesh network to serval mesh network

Thu, 05/30/2013 - 18:46
Hi every one, am trying to link village telco mesh network to serval mesh
network . if anyone has an idea to do it please help me

Workshop on Smart Radio Technologies (SRT), 17 April, CSIR Pretoria

Tue, 05/28/2013 - 22:24

2013 CSIR R&D and Universities Collaboration Workshop on
Smart Radio Technologies (SRT) for Opportunistic Wireless Broadband
Connectivity & Innovation in Service Creation

Venue: Knowledge Commons, Ulwazi Auditorium, CSIR, Pretoria, South Africa
(Last updated: 10 April 2013)

mesh network help in jo'burg

Sun, 05/26/2013 - 18:46
Hi all,

Is there anyone in Johannesburg who would be interested in helping someone
get a mesh network off the ground? A friend of mine wants to create a WiFi
mesh network in his neighbourhood that would provide free access for
domestic workers, visitors to the community etc. Please write me offline

VT-SECN in Ubnt Rocket?

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 06:02
Good morning,

checking the list of hardware from open-wrt the Ubnt Rocket is not in
there, and so I guess it would not be possible to get VT-SECN running on
it, is there any way this can be done? or just wait for the people from
open-wrt to provide the source?

thanks in advance,