Frontline is a Darwin Community Arts (DCA) project started in 2009 that explores the relationship of people and places using new media. This project will build on previous and ongoing work by DCA with Indigenous, African, and other communities in Malak and the Northern Suburbs of Darwin.

Malak is considered a frontline suburb for confronting social, economic, and cultural issues facing Darwin today. It is also the frontline for exploring positive changes at a local level, using a variety of approaches, including community cultural development. This is why DCA is based in Malak; we seek to make a difference at the frontline. Frontline is funded by the Australia Council for the Arts, Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), and Northern Territory Government.

A particular expectation for the project, especially from the AHRC, is that of increasing understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims. Many of the African youth DCA has worked with and will seek to involve in the project are Muslims. Many Muslim families live in Malak and the Northern Suburbs. This project will seek to provide opportunities for Muslims and non-Muslims, especially young people, to work and create together towards greater understanding.

Frontline will work with themes generated by project participants. We will seek to accommodate as many themes as possible, related by the general ideas of “community” and “frontline” and “dialogue”.

Project activities will be determined through planning among stakeholders; the following, however, are ideas for possible activities that have emerged in the course of initial discussions with potential project participants:

  • Amazing Malak. A version of the Amazing Race, which has proved popular with young people in Darwin, organised through vacation care programs. This game/race will be held across Malak's parks and other places, with on­the­ground racers working with virtual, online participants.
  • Laser “Street Art”. Using laser technology for painting (with light) on walls and buildings in Malak and beyond.
  • Computer Kiosks. Computers will be placed around Malak to accept video blogs and other contributions that annotate and trace people who come through these spaces.
  • Interactive Spaces: Spaces that will have multimedia presentations about the spaces themselves (e.g. film or video clips) triggered by movements of visitors in the spaces.
  • Online Social Mapping. Residents will be encouraged and assisted so they can post information about places in Malak and surrounding areas on Google Earth/Maps.

Suggestions for other activities are most welcome.

For more information on Frontline, contact Bong Ramilo at Darwin Community Arts,
bong.ramilo@darwincommunityarts.org.au, phone 8945 7347, mobile 0414 682 350.