The Portals and #hererealnow


Leading Australian media artists are exploring the limits of fast internet in The Portals, a public art exhibit which opens at Nan Giese Gallery on 8 June and at the Chan Contemporary Art Space on 12 June as part of the 19th International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA2013). ISEA2013 will showcase the best media artworks and future-focused ideas from Australia and around the world from 7 to 16 June at venues across central and outer Sydney, and Darwin.

MEMEBRAIN Hackfest for ISEA 2013


dLux MediaArts brings to the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA) the inaugural MEMEBRAIN Hackfest. dLux MediaArts is partnering with Dorkbot (Sydney), Darwin Community Arts (Darwin) and Kulchajam (Byron Bay) to bring together artists, designers, techies and more to come together in a cross-locational Hackfest over Friday 14 - Sunday 16 June 2013. Collaborators are invited to explore the participatory nature of technology and art.

Skype now available at Malak Telecentro


Skype videochatting is now available at the Malak Telecentro. Currently, one computer has Skype installed but more computers will have it within the next month or so. Skype was requested by recently-arrived migrants to stay in touch with their relatives and friends overseas. Ghulum Reza (in photo) was the first to request the service and has been a regular user since it was installed at the Telecentro last month.

Nancy Mauro-Flude: Error_in_Time() in Darwin, 3rd August 2012


Darwin Community Arts's Frontline Media in conjunction with 24HrArt present: Error_in_Time(): Friday, 3rd August 2012, 6:00 PM, 24HrArt Gallery, Parap.

Nancy Mauro-Flude: Telematic Broadcasting Tools and Scenarios in LiveArt


Nancy Mauro-Flude, a Tasmania-based artist and arts educator, will be Darwin in August 2012 to lead a four-day workshop on Telematic Broadcasting Tools and Scenarios in LiveArt.

The Virtual Chan

Virtual Chan_JPEG.jpg

As a part of the 2011 Transforming the Chan program at the Chan Contemporary Art Space in State Square, Darwin, Frontline created the Virtual Chan - an online virtual space for people to visit the Chan Art Space any time they like!

While the space in still in development, online audiences are encouraged to visit, check it out and add to the Chan creative space.

See the attached files for instructions on how to login to the Virtual Chan.

Transforming the Chan: It's a Wrap


Between March and September 2011, Frontline ran a series of interactive new media arts displays and events at the Chan Contemporary Art Space. During this period there were 10 events in total and 4 ongoing exhibitions.

Being a Territory: School's digital Installations in State Square, Darwin


In 2011 Frontline and Darwin Community Arts were given funding to present the digital artworks from the five schools who were successful in the Being a Territory School’s Digital Art Competition for centenary year 2011.

Transforming the Chan: Recycled Sounds, 10,000 Things and the Virtual Chan: Wed 14th Sept 6.30pm – 8.30pm


When: Wed 14th September: 6.30pm – 8.30pm 

Where: Chan Contemporary Art Space. State Square, opposite Parliament House
A FREE event. Bring your own refreshments.

Harmony Day 2011


Tagtool was at the Harmony Day 2011 Soiree at the Darwin Waterfront on 26 March. We projected onto a wing of the Medina hotel from dusk to Earth Hour. Tagtool was (again) very popular with children. We also saw a new use for it: painting messages, like "I love you ..." for all to see. We also tried to project onto the front facade of the Convention Centre but it was too bright there so we moved to the Medina. We were able to test our portable projection set-up however (using a boat battery and inverter) at the Convention Centre; it worked well.

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